~ Current Favs ~

Red: Amalaya Salta Malbec, Argentina
White: Akoya Viognier, California
Rosé: The Pinot Project, Italy

The only thing better than drinking wine, is sitting on the couch and having it delivered (yes, we're lazy!), plus online shopping helps you live for another 5-7 business days!

WINC aka our legit, favorite wine club!

WINC (formally Club W) is a personalized monthly wine subscription service out of California. They have super delicious wines, with super cute labels, from small wineries, so it's not something you can find in your local stores. When you sign up, you will first take a flavor profile quiz and it will match you with different wines they sell.

Sign up here to receive $20 off your first subscription - you can skip a month, or cancel at any time.

PS: I'm obsessively into making flavored mimosas right out - anyone else?

Want to win some complimentary WINC wine?

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Wine Awesomeness!

Wine Awesomeness (WA) is a modern, classic wine club that features a different wine varietals each month. You have the choice of a 3-bottle or 6-bottle shipment, and each delivery is jam packed with custom tasting notes, educational content, recipes, playlists, pairings, behind the scenes editorials, and DIY articles - everything you need to learn all about the vino you're about to fall in love with.

Current featured wines can be viewed here, and range from $10-$20/bottle.

To join the WA journey, click here to receive $10 off your first subscription - you can skip a month, or cancel at any time.

Are you a part of a wine club that you think we would love?

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Other clubs we love!

Barkbox (because, duh!)

Spoil your fur baby with a monthly themed box of innovative toys and all-natural treats! Plus, every purchase helps support shelters, rescues and non-profits across the US.

Sign up here & use code WWLW to receive $25 off a 6+ month subscription.

*Disclaimer: only 10 discounts available per month